Installing a Backlit Keyboard on Your Laptop [Ultimate Guide]

If you are looking to improve your typing experience on a laptop, installing a backlit keyboard might be the way to go. A backlit keyboard will make it easier and faster for you to find keys in low-light conditions. This guide will help show you how easy it is to install a backlit keyboard on your laptop!

Installing LED-backlit keyboards on a laptop requires you to remove the current setup and purchase an identical, prepared LED keyboard. This process is not difficult to complete and will provide your laptop with advanced functions that most users don’t have access to manually.

Installing a backlit keyboard on your laptop will make it easier to read the keys in dark rooms. However, most laptop keyboards are composed of LED lights designed for gaming laptops, not for day-to-day use.

Some new Microsoft Surface Laptop models include a feature that projects light from underneath the touchpad towards the space between the keyboard and the laptop screen. This is not backlit but can help pinch when you are working on your laptop in low-light conditions.

This post will include three laptops with backlit keyboards that are under $500:

– Lenovo Yoga 720 15″ Touchscreen Laptop, 20HN00CUS – $499.00

– Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.50″ Touchscreen Laptop, 80V5000HUS – $429.00

– HP Spectre x360 13.30″ Touchscreen Convertible Laptop, ZF0000NEA – $699.99

This post will show you how easy it is to install a backlit keyboard on your laptop! Now that you know the benefits of installing a backlit keyboard on your laptop, it is time to go shopping for one.

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How can you add a backlit keyboard to a laptop?

Laptops with backlit keyboards are typically designed for gaming so that they will be more expensive. But it is possible to purchase a separate backlit keyboard and install it on your laptop. This process does require removing the current setup, but you can find detailed instructions online or in-store at retailers like Best Buy.

Installing LED-backlit keyboards on a laptop requires you to remove the current setup and purchase an identical, prepared LED keyboard (backlit). Once installed into your device, this new setup will provide some features not found in laptops without one, including increased visibility of keys in low light conditions and different lighting modes depending on what type of environment you might be using it in.

There are seven steps you must take accordingly:

– Check Compatibility

First, make sure that the backlit keyboard is compatible with your laptop.

This step will ensure that you purchase the correct type of backlit keyboard for your device and save yourself a lot of time and frustration in figuring out which one to buy on your own.

Consult the manufacturer’s website or store salesperson if possible before making any purchases, as they should be able to tell you with certainty whether it will work for what you need without needing anything else from them.

*What are some benefits? *

A backlit keyboard usually has two major advantages: increased visibility in low light conditions plus different lighting modes depending on environment use (indoor vs. outdoor).

– Gather the tools required to install a backlit keyboard on your laptop

The backlit keyboard will come with instructions on installing it, but you should also have the following tools handy: a Phillips screwdriver and a flashlight.

You don’t need any other materials besides your laptop repair kit or some paper towels for wiping up spills if necessary. And of course, make sure there is power available before beginning so you can plug in the new backlit keyboard that’s being installed into your device! Be careful not to break anything while installing, too, as this could be very difficult to fix afterward…

– Turn Off Power to the Laptop

Shut down your laptop and unplug the power cord from it.

This is a crucial step to take as you need to open up where the backlit keyboard will go without any risk of shock or injury. Follow all safety precautions before starting so that nothing gets damaged or broken in this process!

Turn off the computer by holding the “Power” button for a few seconds, then disconnecting the AC adapter.

Plugging out battery if applicable (follow specific instructions)

It’s also advised not to remove anything from inside the device until after shutting it down – just in case something goes wrong during installation.

– Open the Keyboard

When you remove your laptop’s battery, you can find screws underneath a long rectangular panel on the back that you’ll need to unscrew to remove.

This will get easier with a Phillips screwdriver, so be sure to have one handy before starting this process and not touching anything else while doing it. You’ll also find two long screws on either side of the keyboard, which should then come out.

Be sure to remove any other screws you find as well, including from the bottom of your laptop. You’ll need a flashlight if necessary so that it’s easier to see these small pieces.

– Connect the New Keyboard

Slide the new backlit keyboard onto the frame of your laptop’s screen.

Screws will then secure it, but now you’ll need to plug it into a power source and connect any other wires or cables included before putting everything back together again with care. Remember not to touch anything else while doing this, so avoid touching the backlit keyboard’s surface.

If the keyboard is not already attached to the laptop, plug it in at this point and then attach any cables or wires from your new backlit keyboard (i.e., USB cable).

– Replace the Cover

Screw back in the screws you removed from the laptop, then put back the other parts that come with your repair kit.

Check to make sure it all works properly before putting on any protective panels or screens, as this will save yourself a lot of time and frustration if something goes wrong!

If anything doesn’t work right after checking, you may want to return the backlit keyboard and replace it with a different one.

– The most important

Lighting does not only have an aesthetic effect on your backlit keyboard; it also makes the keys easier to see when you’re in a low-light environment.

If you work or play in dimly lit environments often as most people do nowadays with laptops, for example, then this is a vital aspect to take into account before buying one!

Besides being more visible during dark times of the day, backlit keyboards also offer a unique style to your device that is not found on other models.

Backlit keyboards are an essential component of any laptop and will make the entire experience much more enjoyable!

Why do I need a keyboard backlight?

Backlit keyboards may not seem like a necessity at first, but when you start considering their benefits, they are. The backlight allows the user to see what keys correspond with which letters or numbers in a dark environment. Typing can be done without error and for convenience while using laptops during nighttime hours.

This is important because many people often find themselves working late into the evening or early morning hours where all light sources are gone – this could include lamps, candles, lanterns, etc. It’s also common to use laptops as your primary computer these days since they’re more convenient than desktop computers and offer better mobility, too; this means there’s no need to rely on other lights around you when it gets dark outside.

Advantages of the backlit keyboard

– Allows a user to see the keys better in a low-light environment. This is helpful for people who like to work late into the evening or early morning hours when all light sources are gone, including lamps, candles, lanterns, etc.

– Provides comfortability as it’s easier on your eyes than working with just a laptop screen alone without backlighting.

– Unique style that other models don’t provide this feature (i.e., MacBook). It looks more incredible, and you won’t need an external device plugged into your computer at all times since it’s built right inside!

Beyond these benefits, though, there are many more reasons why you should get one, too, as they’re cheaper than buying both a keyboard and backlit keyboard separately. It’s easier to use with your fingers. It is the most comfortable because you don’t have to strain yourself or position your hands.

Disadvantages of Backlit keyboard

But not all backlit keyboards are created equal. Some models come with different features and styles that may affect your decision to purchase one or the other, while others have disadvantages to them too, even if they’re a good deal cheaper than their counterparts on the market.

It’s essential to consider these before buying so you can make the right choice for yourself in terms of what you need:

– Lower quality: Some backlit keyboard models provide lower quality lighting because they don’t use LEDs better when it comes to brightness levels; these will only show up as dimly lit letters and numbers depending on how much light there is around you. This isn’t an issue, though, if most of your work usually occurs during daytime hours.

– Higher pricing: Backlit keyboards are usually more expensive than regular ones because of the LED lighting system they come with, which is why it’s important to consider whether or not these features are worth investing in before making a purchase; if you only type occasionally on your computer then this may be an unnecessary expense for you and can add up quick!

The benefits that backlit keyboards have over their non-backlit counterparts make them well worth the investment so long as you consider what types of tasks you will need using one most often when deciding between models. If regularly typing during the evening and nighttime hours is something that interests you, then this should be at the top of your list! The higher price tag shouldn’t deter you from buying one since they’re much cheaper than purchasing a backlit keyboard and regular keyboard separately.


At the end of this article, you should know whether or not backlit keyboards are worth investing in based on your specific needs and tasks. They provide many bonuses that regular keyboards don’t have, such as seeing keys better when dark outside because they use an LED lighting system rather than just ambient light.

This feature is beneficial for people who like to work late into the evening or early morning hours when all light sources are gone, including lamps, candles, lanterns, etc.



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